YMR Update

GOOD NEWS!!!  The YMR Store is once again functional.  Sorry for the delay and hopefully we will have no issues with GoDaddy from this moment forward.  If we do, I will be looking for a new host in the future.

A few changes coming about for merchandise and branding:

  1.  We have realized that although the new YMR design is very modern, the fine edges are becoming a problem when it comes to decals adhering properly.  With that, we will begin phasing out the “new age” decal design and revert back to our original YMR oval.  If you want the “new age” decals, get them while you can because once gone, gone forever.
  2. Many of the new merchandise items we are looking at are very hard to accomplish with the new design as well – expect to see us reverting back to the original YMR oval design as time goes on this year.