Yellow History

~ 1964 – For the 64 1/2 year, 2 shades of yellow brought the Mustang into the world. Sunlight Yellow (V), and a paler Phoenician Yellow (R) were options found on these early models.

~ 1965 – Phoenician Yellow changed the paint code to “7” this year. Paint code of “8” is offered this year in a pale yellow color called Springtime Yellow but only available in the Spring of ’65.

~ 1966 – Paint code of “8” Springtime Yellow is offered again this year as a pale yellow color.

~ 1967 – Again, Springtime Yellow (8) is the yellow color option for consumers.

~ 1968 – Meadowlark yellow (W) becomes the new color for ’68.

~ 1969 – Meadowlark yellow used again this year as well.

~ 1970 – Competition Yellow/Bright Yellow with paint code of “D” is available. This was to debut the new wild Mustang colors of the 70’s.

~ 1971 – A member of the Grabber family, Grabber Yellow with paint code of “D” is offered. This was renamed from the 1970 color of Competition Yellow.

~ 1972 – Not too pale and not too bright, ’73 offered the Medium Bright Yellow (6E).

~ 1973 – Again, 6E Medium Bright Yellow is an option. Available on Mach I also.

~ 1975-1978 – Bright Yellow is the color for this time period. Paint code was the same as 1973 (6E) for all years. Very hard to find a car still in existence in yellow from this period.

~ 1979-1981 – Bright Yellow (64) was the rare option these years.

~ 1982-1983 – Medium Yellow (61) was the rare option these years.

~ 1984-1986 – No yellow color was in the palette these years.

~ 1987 – Medium Yellow (6H) was available this year.

~ 1988 – Mimosa Yellow (66) was a pale colored yellow offered this year.

~ 1989 – Tropical Yellow (66) was the same as Mimosa Yellow with a different name. Only 126 made in this color!

~ 1990 – Race Yellow (AG) is an option for Mustangs, but no V8’s reported to have been created with it. A mystery, even to YMR.

~ 1993 – A BRIGHT yellow is introduced to the Mustang line-up in the form of Canary Yellow (BZ) for the Limited Edition 5.0 LX model only. This model was a convertible that came with the chrome Pony wheels, a black or white top, and a few other specific options just for this model. It was available with blk top/blk leather or white top/white leather. (Prod. total: 1,503)

~ 1994 – Canary Yellow (BZ) carries over into this year on the new SN95 body style for the GT only.

~ 1995 – Another carry over year for Canary Yellow on the GT model. No V6 or Cobra in yellow is produced this year either.

~ 1998 – After skipping 2 years (96-97), yellow reappears with the same color but with a different name….Chrome Yellow. This carries the same BZ paint code as Canary and was on the V6, GT, and Cobra models this year. This would be the first year an SVT Cobra is offered in yellow from Ford.

~ 1999 – Chrome Yellow stays around on the new edge body style. An option on the V6 and GT only. Was not available for the Cobra. Last year of the Chrome Yellow color. Side note: Only 1,464 Yellow GT Coupes produced.

~ 2000 – Ford ditches the Chrome and goes for another element…Zinc. It is decided that Yellow will be extremely rare this year with only 917 Zinc Yellow cars available for the special “Spring Feature” GT model only! Zinc Yellow was only available on this special model this year and is the smallest amount of yellow produced for any SN95 body.

~ 2001 – A carryover year for Zinc Yellow but an option on all V6, GT, and Cobras. The Zinc Yellow is found to be popular and in high demand. More made this year in yellow than any other previous year.

~ 2002 –  Zinc Yellow stays in ’02 for V6 and GT. 2002 Cobra not produced except in Australia.

~ 2003 – Zinc Yellow is an option on the all new 2003 Cobra and Mach I, as well as on V6 & GT also. As yellow shows to be a popular color for this generation, many other makes and models begin to sport a yellow color similar to that which Ford uses. We believe Ford started the trend of color with the Mustang in ’93.

~ 2004 – New color this year, Screaming Yellow is available on all versions of the Mustang. Very similar color to Chrome Yellow. Screaming Yellow (D6) replaces Zinc Yellow.

~ 2005 – Screaming Yellow will also be the bright colored choice for ’05. Same D6 paint code will apply on this all new redesigned Mustang.

~ 2006 – Screaming Yellow will also be the bright colored choice for ’06. Same D6 paint code will apply on this.

~ 2007 – Ford ditches the color “Yellow” going with “Grabber Orange” instead for 2007.

~ 2011 – Yellow will return with the new 2011 Mustang 5.0 in a Yellow Blaze Metallic Tri-Coat.

~ 2015-2017 – Triple Yellow Clearcoat is available